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The #1 RFQ Marketplace

Join the largest, quickest, and easiest platform for
requesting quotes below the RFP threshold.

Request quotes in 60 seconds or less.

Creating requests is easy and our technology allows only the most qualified companies to receive them.

Get the best price.

Reach the largest audience of companies actively competing for the business of local, state and federal government agencies.

Direct quotes or reverse auctions.

Companies provide direct quotes or have them publicly compete with each other for the lowest price. Having prices visible to all companies could save you 15-20%.

No transaction fees.

Use GovQuote’s free service to level the playing field by helping small and minority-owned companies with lower margins compete with larger organizations. More business for companies, better prices for agencies.

Audit-proof recordkeeping.

We automatically create a detailed record of each transaction to satisfy auditors or public records requests, viewable and downloadable at any time. Records are maintained for the time legally required by your jurisdiction’s policies or laws.

Sole source verification.

Post a company’s sole source claim and let GovQuote’s large network of companies and agencies determine whether a product or service has marketplace competition.

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Using GovQuote is fast, simple, 100% web-based and… it’s free!

1. Create a request in 60 seconds or less.

Select a category, enter a product or service, and upload any attachments such as specifications or terms and conditions. Request direct quotes or create a reverse auction. You have the option to remain anonymous so companies don’t contact you until you decide you’re ready.

2. Companies present their best offer and you choose the best quote.

Companies can respond instantly with a quote or ask additional questions using our real-time chat system. Choose the best quote and close the request, while you and the awarded company can continue to communicate until delivery is complete.

3. Download a complete audit record.

We automatically generate a complete audit record that includes date/time stamps for the published request, all quotes received, correspondences and attachments. This audit report is viewable and downloadable at any time, putting you in full compliance with internal auditors and public record laws.

Thousands of businesses are growing with GovQuote.

“GovQuote allows for highly targeted lead generation…it’s a great tool for our resellers. Every person I share it with is amazed at how many opportunities pop up right on their screen.”

Peggy Lane

Manager of Government Services

Bluestar, Inc

Ethan Mcleod

Sr. Account Executive


“Great format and great system! I would highly recommend using GovQuote for procurement needs. Very simple to use and very helpful for competitive prices on products.”

“Working with GovQuote has been a great experience. They are top notch professionals that work relentlessly to make their customers lives easier.”

Brianna Carney



No more phone-tagging. No more faxing. Just quotes.

Agencies like these use GovQuote to make smart, data-driven purchasing decisions.

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